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Sell your cars fast and hassle-free for the best prices in Europe!

Sell your cars fast and hassle-free for the best prices in Europe!

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Sell your cars fast and hassle-free for the best prices in Europe! is your partner for selling cars to more than 30 countries without any risk

We offer tailored full-service Remarketing solutions for car dealers, dealer groups, leasing and rental companies, OEMs, banks and fleet providers. Our Remarketing partners achieve higher prices due to 60,000 active buyers and benefit from fast and easy digital processing.


Talk to our industry experts and learn how to grow your business with Remarketing!

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OR Services

Self-Evaluation App

Download AUTO1 EVA App and evaluate cars within 15 minutes

Mobile Evaluation Service

Our evaluators inspect your cars directly at your lot

Seamless integration via API

Easily connect to your system via REST API

Price Indicator for Trade-Ins

Receive real-time prices for your trade-ins based on the current market, real-time bidding and data from over 3,6 million cars sold

Logistics Services

Together with our partners we can offer you tailored logistics solutions

Live Reporting Tools

Monitor and control all your interactions in your Remarketing Dashboard on

Your advantages with

Best prices in Europe

We have a network of over 60,000 active buyers from 30 markets that will drive up the price of your car at auction. Benefit from local price differences and active selling of in the respective national language.

Sell your cars faster

No need to wait for time-consuming theme auctions! The auction of your car starts directly and will finish within 24 hours. Every car is sold individually - there are no block auctions.

No risk and zero hassle remains your sole contractual partner throughout the whole process. After the auction, we buy the car and sell it to the buyer. We also handle the export and have an audit-proof Remarketing process.

Active selling of your car

Local sales representatives and holistic marketing activities push the sale of your cars in the languages of the potential buyers.

Easy and 100% digital

All transactions are managed end-to-end digitally via the intuitive platform. You can monitor all actions on the app or the dashboard and download real-time reportings!

Personal Contact

We are digital but you can also contact us directly! Our industry experts can consult you via phone or email and help boost your business.

How it works

Car Evaluation Remarketing offers four different
solutions to fit any needs:
  • Evaluate cars by yourself with our intuitive AUTO1 EVA App
  • Request a mobile evaluator
  • Upload existing inspection reports
  • Send your cars via seamless API integration


  • Enter your price expectation on
  • The car is immediately live and auctions end within 24h
  • Monitor all cars in auction in real-time. Track how many views and bids each car receives
  • Sell your car to the highest bidder

Processing & Handling

  • is your only contractual partner and single point of contact
  • We manage the full transaction for you, including car handling, documents & payment
  • You will be paid immediately and we take care of the transaction with the buyer
  • Benefit from a convenient and risk-free process for all parties


The future of car evaluations

With our AUTO1 EVA app you can easily digitize your trade-ins in 15 minutes and sell them within 24 hours easily online.

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Start selling your cars B2B to more than 60,000 European buyers!

  • Buyers from over 30 countries
  • Sell cars within 24h
  • Only one contractual partner and single point of contact

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How can help you?

Do I pay a subscription fee? Are there any other fees I need to know of?

There is no subscription. There are only fees for services like transport that are booked additionally.

How can I start evaluating cars?

You only need to register on and download our native app AUTO1 EVA, available for Android and iOS. We also offer a Web App that you can use on your computer.

Which cars can be sold on

Generally all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Most of our partner sell trade-ins or ex-lease cars.

Who is my contractual partner? is always your only contractual partner. We will take care of the whole process from buying the vehicle from you to delivering it to the buying dealer.

Do I have to sell if I get a bid?

You will choose your minimum sell price before the auction starts. You only need to sell if we hit your minimum price. Otherwise you have the last call and can decide whether you want sell or not.

How do I get paid?

We pay you via bank transfer immediately after receiving the car & documents.

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