26 April 2023

AUTO1.com electric vehicle sales grew by 50 percent in 2022

AUTO1.com electric vehicle sales grew by 50 percent in 2022

  • Around 18,000 EVs were sold on AUTO1.com in 2022
  • Top 3 EV brands sold in 2022 on AUTO1.com were Toyota, Tesla and Volkswagen
  • In 2022, one-third of the traded EVs had a price between EUR 20,000 and EUR 35,000
  • Top 3 markets with the most traded EVs on AUTO1.com were the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark

Berlin, 26.04.2023 - AUTO1.com, Europe's largest wholesale platform for used cars, analyzed its electric vehicle (EV) trading data and conducted its yearly online survey among more than 15,000 partners. AUTO1.com recorded a year-over-year growth of more than 50% in the B2B trading of battery-electric (BEV), plug-in-hybrid (PHEVs), and hybrid vehicles (HEVs) in 2022 and reached the mark of 18,000 EV units sold, an increase of more than 6,500 units compared to the previous year. The increasing numbers show the trend of EVs gradually moving into the used car market.

The EV market (BEV, PHEV & HEV) is continuing to grow. Electric vehicles achieved a market share of 44% of the newly produced vehicles in Europe in 2022 compared to 38% in 2021, according to data from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). "The trends we observe in the new car market are always transmitted into the used car market: The new cars of today are the used cars of tomorrow. As the biggest European wholesale platform for used cars in Europe, we see overall market trends naturally reflected on our platform”, says Moritz Lück, SVP Sales & Operations AUTO1 Group. “We observe that EVs are now arriving with relevant volumes in the used car market. With AUTO1.com, dealers get access to the European B2B used car market and can participate in the transformation of the automotive industry. Dealers across Europe can always rely on our diverse inventory, including an increasing share of electrically-chargeable used cars.”

EV composition on AUTO1.com

In 2022, the top three traded EV brands on AUTO1.com remained the same for the second year in a row: Toyota, Tesla and Volkswagen. The top three remained the same, whereas there were changes in the AUTO1.com top 10 traded EV brands. Mercedes Benz made an impressive jump from the 7th position in 2021 to the 4th place in 2022. Renault entered the top 10 in 2022 and claimed the 9th position, as a result of which Kia was pushed to the 10th spot. There’s an increasing diversity of manufacturers in the EV market, but the newcomers are not reflected in AUTO1.com’s top 10 yet.

Top 10 Traded EV Brands of AUTO1.com
  2021 2022
1 Toyota Toyota
2 Tesla Tesla
3 Volkswagen Volkswagen
4 Lexus Mercedes-Benz
5 BMW Lexus
6 Peugeot Peugeot
7 Mercedes-Benz BMW
8 Smart Hyundai
9 Kia Renault
10 Hyundai Kia

In 2022, 70% of all BEVs, HEVs, and PHEVs traded on AUTO1.com were between one and five years old. Around 30% of all EVs traded had a mileage of less than 10.000 km. This clearly shows that the used EV fleet still consists of younger cars.

In 2022 one-third of the traded EVs had a price between EUR 20,000 and EUR 35,000, while in 2021, only a fifth of the traded cars was in that price range. Only 15% of all the EVs traded on the platform in 2022 had a price of less than EUR 10,000. These results show that the EVs on AUTO1.com were in higher price categories in 2022 compared to 2021.

Demand differs by country

AUTO1.com is actively buying and selling cars in over 30 countries in Europe. Cross-border trading of EVs on AUTO1.com amounted to almost 80% in 2022, mainly due to differences in supply, demand, and price levels across markets. In 2022, AUTO1.com recorded the highest demand for electric and hybrid cars in the Netherlands, Finland and Denmark, the same as in 2021, closely followed by France (growth of 96% year-over-year) and Germany (growth of 103% year-over-year). Portugal marked the biggest year-over-year growth of demand for EVs in 2022 with an increase of 124%.

The levels of demand in the markets correlate with the availability of charging points in the different countries. According to the interactive map of ACEA, almost 42% of all charging points for EVs are concentrated in two European countries: The Netherlands and Germany. In addition, different subsidy programs for EVs are giving the extra push for consumers. Dataforce, a market research company, investigated subsidies across Europe and the results show that the Netherlands provide the highest level of incentives, followed by France and Germany.

Around 30% of AUTO1.com partners traded at least one EV in 2022

In January and February 2023, AUTO1.com conducted an online survey among more than 15,000 of its partners about their traded EVs in 2022 and their expectations for 2023. The most important insights are:

  • Around 30% of participants traded at least one EV in 2022 (34% in 2021) and almost 10% traded at least 20 EVs (7% in 2021).
  • More than 40% expect to trade at least one EV in 2023 (compared to 43% in 2021) and more than 10% of the survey participants expect to trade at least 20 EVs in 2023. This is a slightly lower expectation as it was for 2022 (12%).
  • 70% of dealer groups and franchise dealers traded at least one EV in 2022, compared to only 25% of independent dealers. The number of the former trading at least one EV in 2022 was the same as it was in 2021, but the number of the latter was higher in 2021 with 31%.

“It seems that there are entry barriers for dealers to trade EVs as it’s a new and innovative market, but once dealers have experience in trading EVs they successfully continue doing so”, concludes Moritz Lück.

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