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(512) 640-3630 – the easiest, most reliable and fairest way to expand your inventory. is an exclusive trading market for used cars, bought from individuals. It is exclusive for car dealers.

We offer our premium partners a wide assortment and large variety. Each of our partners can find the right mixture of cars for their inventory at fair-market prices. offers its premium partners consistently more than 1,000 inspected used cars - each day more than 300 additional cars. Each car is purchased directly and uncomplicated from We sell cars without time-consuming Auctions, without minimum purchase quantities, without commission or any other fees.

We Provide:

  • Simple and direct purchase from
  • Exclusive access to more than 1,000 used cars
  • More than 300 cars added daily
  • Primary sourced from private customers
  • Available 24 hours online
  • No registry- membership- or offer-fees
  • No minimal quantity of cars purchased
  • Reliable documentation of car conditions
  • Simple contract closure
  • Competent support for logistics and transportation

Over 50 Locations in the US and Europe

Value-add services for our Premium-Partners provides a steady and reliable supply of used cars. Our state of the art database makes your search more convenient and faster than ever before. On top of that, we provide professional and proven documentation of every car. Carefully evaluated cars and easy contracting separates from the rest of the market.

Besides our great assortment, we offer a simple contract process as well and many other services. We are available every day and understand the importance of friendly and competent merchant support. Additionally, we can provide an exlusive line of credit for you at special rates and have high-quality partners for logistics and transportation. All this makes us the number one for used cars in Europe.


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